About Nicola Hurst Jewellery

Nicola Hurst pursued the Arts and graduated from Middlesex University with an honours degree in Jewellery. Having lived in the Home Counties engaging herself in designing and making jewellery from three successive workshops; distributing to galleries all over the UK and specializing in commission work. She returned to her native Plymouth after a period of 20 years. It has always been her dream to have her own gallery and workshop and this dream was fulfilled at Nicola Hurst Designer Jewellery in Hyde Park Road, in 2006.

Nicola Hurst's Jewellery has often been described as elegant, simple designs, easy to wear. Nicola will say her inspiration comes from architecture, simple shapes and everyday living. Much of the jewellery will combine silver with gemstones set off centre, or square with circles or unusual gemstones set together on one piece.

Nicola also enjoys texturing metals, so many of the collections have texture themes. Reticulation and hammering especially. Most importantly Nicola loves metal and working with it every day is a shear pleasure. Recently nature has also played a part in the designs with the seedpod collection and the cowrie shell pieces.

Commissions and bespoke jewellery are a large part of Nicola Hurst designer Jewellery. Engagement rings, wedding rings and remodelling for example. Nicola takes every commission as a personal joy to make, knowing that the customer will enjoy the jewellery for many years to come.

The jewellery gallery has developed and flourished over the years. Nicola Hurst has become abrand and is well known in Devon and Cornwall. Nicola has also become well known for her jewellery making classes, run in the workshop, including the ‘make your own wedding rings workshops’. These are now booked several months in advance. Nicola Hurst has also presented a jewellery prize at Plymouth Art College for several years, offering an exhibition and mentoring to the winner.

Nicola designs and makes all the jewellery in the Plymouth workshop. Laura manages the gallery and keeps Nicola organized.