Today I thought I would write a little about actually making jewellery. Some may call it creating or silversmithing or building or forming, but I call myself a jeweller who makes jewellery. It's as simple as that.

There are many parts of a jewellers life that make up a whole business. The pricing, displaying, selling online, facebooking and twittering, invoicing, quoting, meeting customers, selling in the boutique, buying materials. And most important of all. Making.When I was a teenager I would take apart televisions with a soldering iron and use the little pieces from the back to make earrings and other jewellery items. I fell in love with metal on a Foundation Art Course in the welding shed and haven't looked back since.

Now of course I use precious metals and gemstones, but the love of metal and making it into something pleasurable is still there and I hope will never leave me. The favourite part of my job is sitting at the workbench, surrounded by tools, making jewellery. I love piercing the metal, filing it smooth, soldering pieces together to make a 3D object, setting the stones and last of all polishing.I am particularly fussy about polishing, the metal needs to be smooth and as shiny as possible for me.  I am happy to stand at the polishing machine for hours, getting dusty and dirty, ruining what nails I may have left, to achieve the perfect surface.

There is something so satisfying about taking a piece of raw unfinished gold or silver and making it into something that someone will find beautiful and wear with pleasure.
Over the next few posts I will show some jewellery in the stages of making; before, during and after,and explain the processes. I hope you will look out for them and enjoy.

Post By Nicola Hurst