The run up to Christmas 2012 was a very busy one.

The jewellery making workshops were at full capacity with nearly every student making presents, and therefore needing to finish their pieces on time, a little extra help was given here and there.

The gallery was very busy with more customers than ever buying jewellery, Christmas decorations, glass pieces, ceramic tea light holders, vases, cards and much more. All hand made in the UK of course.

I was very active in the workshop making commissions that needed to be ready for various weddings, birthdays and Christmas; plus restocking popular items as they were selling out so fast.

One customer was plymouth's very own celebrity, Tom Daley. Tom was recommended  to me by a team member and asked me to make a few necklaces for his family and a bracelet for himself. As you can see he was very happy when he collected the jewellery and wore the bracelet immediately as we gift wrapped the other pieces.

On the Saturday before Christmas a customer arrived from Sidmouth, about an hours drive away, wanting me to make 2 wedding rings by Christmas. How could I say no?! of course I made them and I hope they had an amazing wedding day.

Silver reticulated necklace with a diamond. A perfect Christmas gift.

So after all of that I felt a well deserved rest was in order. Now it's back to work and I can't wait for the next commissions to come in. Happy New Year.

Post By Nicola Hurst