The use of precious stones in jewellery is about more than just “shiny rocks and metal”. It is an art of mixing form and function; a merger of a simple precious metal with a elegantly complex jewel. The Gemstone Collection from Nicola Hurst Designer Jewellery contains all of our hallmarks:

  • Texture theme metals
  • Simple, easy to wear designs
  • Silver with gemstones set off centre

Before we take you through some of the individual pieces lets find out the inspiration behind the Gemstone Collection.

Jewellery that people identify with

The gemstone items are, according to customers, typical Nicola Hurst. Their development has been gradual over the past 20 years, with continuous trial and error leading to their inevitable perfection. “I had just started to make jewellery in my little shed and I was petrified of gem stones and setting them,” says Nicola. She resolved to buy a few square stones, and slowly taught herself to set them. It wasn’t long before the elegant and immaculate stone pieces you see today were created, with many more to follow.

Highlights from the Gemstone Collection

As they were the origin of these jewellery pieces, let’s begin with some of the square stone items.

This Square Stone Silver Ring is available with a choice of 10 miraculous stones, including topaz, peridot, citrine and amethyst. A simple yet eye-catching item, the wider silver band ensures the stone is not hidden behind subtlety, and you can ensure the delivered item fits with our own ring size guide.

The Large Silver Wave Pendant, with 3 Square Stones is a more visually unique option from the collection. The elegance of the jewellery is captured in the smooth sway of the metal’s shape, which has been handmade by Nicola. The layout of the three stones exhibits her influence in architectural design, yet the item remains exceptionally easy to wear.

The most timeless item in the collection is arguably the Silver Hourglass Pendant with Square Stone. It’s eye-catching design never crosses into the unpleasant realm of novelty jewellery. Instead, it ensures the precious stone remains the highlight by setting it on the border of the two halves of the “hourglass”. Ideal for an evening out or for everyday wearing.

Moving away from squares to circles, these Silver “Surfboard” Earrings feature round stones to better match the shape of the metal. The dynamic, pointed edges are held up with silver wire hooks, and the curved shape makes them easy to accessorize.

Finally we have one of the most luxurious entries: the Gold Ring with Light Round Stone. Despite its luxurious choice of metal, this golden ring favours simplicity with a gracefully thin shape, and a very light shade on the stone. There is a thickness to it, allowing the ring to sit on your finger as a quality statement piece of jewellery.

Post By Dan