It's a New Year. I'm not one to make new year resolutions or promises that may fail. I would much much rather live life each day, week, month, year as I wish; to fulfill my dreams all the time.

At the start of this year I had a little planned operation resulting in some time off from work and play. Time at home, mostly alone apart from the cats, time to rest and recuperate. As this was planned I made a list of all the things to do whilst doing nothing. So far, day 12 after the op, I've done 80% of the list and am feeling very smug, very rested and nearly bored.

Most of the list is comprised of organizing my life. I.e. sorting my emails,deleting and filing my Dropbox photographs, making space on the IPad and restarting the Blog.

These jobs have been very satisfying, apart from deleting the emails which is just boring. Looking at the 1000's of photographs in Dropbox has been wonderful, not only looking back at holidays past with personal memories, but also looking at commissions made, work in progress and classes taken. These have made me realise how much I have achieved in these past few years personally and within the jewellery making business.

So I am very thankful for this time given to me, I think of it as extra Sundays, free time without guilt. Now to move onto this year to come, new commissions and collections to design and make, new classes to take and new times to experience.

Here are a few of my favourite past commissions,hope you enjoy them too.

Post By Nicola Hurst