Inspiration comes to everyone in different ways. I have been lucky enough to be inspired by a few sights and places over the summer. we spent a couple of weeks in the USA: Los Angeles and Chicago, visiting family in these amazing cities.

Los Angeles is the home of the Getty centre which is the most beautiful and awe inspiring art museum high on the hills. The architecture of the building is enough to cause a gasp without the art inside! Mr C went crazy with the camera, here are a couple of the best.

Whilst in Chicago we visited the home and studio of my long time favourite architect; frank lloyd wright. I was very excited and full of anticipation but I was in no way disappointed. Inspired seems a mild description of how I felt inside his beautiful home and these pictures do it no justice, but they are my memories now. I am sure they will influence my designs in the near future.

I have also been lucky enough to have run my gallery for nearly seven years. I opened the gallery 25th October 2006. It was a dream that came true and that with hard work, determination, passion and wonderful people around me has survived these seven years, and hopefully many more to come.

My inspiration to celebrate this success came from a worthy local charity, Jerimiahs Journey. This charity offers professional support for bereaved children and their families. The name of the charity comes from a story where a teddy bear, Jerimiah takes a hot air balloon journey. The story is used to help the children connect with their lost loved ones.

I have used the image of the balloon to make seven pendants which will be auctioned with the all the proceeds going to Jerimiahs Journey. Each pendant will be set with a different gemstone making each one unique.

This project is like nothing I have taken in before, it's a challenge to make a piece that will make people want to bid for it. I will let you know how it all turns out.

Post By Nicola Hurst