‘I have been incorporating textile elements in my work since my foundation course in the 70's - when I made a rather ugly aluminium and thread collar! I met Yu-Ping Lin at the British Craft Trade Fair in 2013 where we discussed the possibility of a textile jewellery exhibition and the idea has developed from there. I have curated the exhibition, selecting makers with an individual approach to show the diversity of the various textile media and techniques that can be used in jewellery. In the 70's there was a great resistance to accepting textile jewellery as wearable, with the term 'of no intrinsic value' being vastly overused so we have chosen the title 'Intrinsic' to reflect the true meaning of the word. ‘

Mandy Nash, exhibition organiser.

Tour dates:

Craft in the Bay, Cardiff: 8th May – 5th July, 2015Nicola Hurst Gallery, Plymouth: 10th July – 30th August, 2015, www.nicolahurst.co.ukCraft Centre and Design Gallery, Leeds: 5th September – 17th October, 2015Cursley and Bond, Folkestone: 7th November, 2015 – 17th January, 2016Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth: 16th March – 11th May, 2016

Hannah-May Chapman

With hidden depth and meaning found in most work these days, I choose to hide nothing in my jewellery and aim to entertain; by using bright colours, a combination of obvious and abstract forms and a variety of materials I let my sense of humour speak for itself and my jewellery stand out


Joanne Haywood

Joanne Haywood is a leading studio jeweller, writer and educator. She has worked and exhibited in the U.K. and Internationally. She holds a BA (Hons) in Jewellery Design from Central Saint Martins and is recognised for her individual voice and skill in Mixed Media making.

Joanne’s jewellery utilises both metal and textiles, and the techniques of crochet, stitch, felting and fusing, oxidising and forming.
2 Moor Hill
TN18 4PE


Yu-Ping Lin

I do not set out to be a fashion or jewellery artist but as my portfolio developed and I became interested in both elements and aesthetics.

4 City Wall
Jame's Street
Co. Kilkenny


Mandy Nash

I set up my workshop in 1983 after leaving the Royal College of Art. Although trained as a jeweller, my work has a strong textile influence; I am passionate about colour, pattern and technique: I love the making process and exploring the possibilities of non precious materials.

Model House Craft and Design Centre
Bull Ring
CF72 8EB


Kathryn Partington

Kathryn Partington creates beautiful pieces of highly individual and desirable jewellery to adorn, adore and be worn. Pieces are made using a range of diverse techniques born from training within the discipline of surface pattern, printed textiles, ceramic tableware design and jewellery.


Liz Willis

I am a contemporary jeweller using precious & non-precious materials combined with hand stitched silk threads, to make work inspired by aspects of the landscape I see around me while out running & walking.

1 Crabtree Lane


Julia Usel

I am a London based contemporary jeweller from Geneva. I graduated from the Royal College of Art, London, with an MA in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery. I completed my BA(Hons) in Jewellery at the University of Art & Design, Geneva.

I am a materials led practitioner. By working with materials with which there is no prior knowledge established, experimentation and chance are invited into the artistic process.

Flat 38 Studland
Portland Street
London, SE17 2TW


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