As Valentine's Day approaches my mind automatically thinks of hearts, pinks and reds. I've bought several crazy large red paper decorations to cheer the gallery in this dreary weather.

Jewellery wise, I've made more heart studs and necklaces than I can count as they seem to fly out, and a lovely heart bangle that I'm not sure I can part with.

All is on display now with the three designers that I've invited in for this romantic season. More about them below.

Christine inspiration comes from movements and sounds she comes across, and sometimes she captures with a quick sketch. Christine has an aim to convey a sense of the energy in those sketches through her making, and to produce exuberant, lightweight graphic jewellery. Christine techniques include soldering, welding and forging of silver and gold wires.

Rowena Park trained at Brighton University where she followed a 3d design course in mixed media, but specialising in jewellery for the final degree. She set up her own workshop in 1982 when she graduated and currently has a studio at the Phoenix Arts Centre in Brighton. Since then she has continuously sold to shops and galleries in many countries and has exhibited her work widely.

She works with clear acrylic which is shaped and bent using grinders, saw cuts and polishing grits to achieve the basic shapes , and transparent coloured lacquers combined with gold leaf which are applied to the back surfaces to create the vibrant effects, which are then “viewed” through the acrylic layer, a process she developed since leaving college. The clear acrylic enhances the jewel like quality of the combination of lacquers and gold leaf by focusing the light into the acrylic and bouncing off from the coloured layer. Combined with her particular choice of colour to create unique and distinctive jewellery. Constantly evolving new motifs and colourways, inspiration has been drawn from various sources, most recently from the patterns on windows that the rain leaves behind and the distortion of line and colour of the view

Samantha Donaldson is a designer maker specialised in creating one -off sculptural glass forms and contemporary statement jewellery. Samantha is fascinated by rock collections, with a particular interest in the study of rock layering and lapidary craftsmen, skilled at cutting precious stones to obtain the best possible optical effects. Exploring scale and incorporating harmonious layered colour combinations she uses extensive cutting techniques each individual specimen.

Post By Nicola Hurst