During 2012 I ran a few workshops for couples to make their own wedding rings, they were all highly successful, great fun and the couples left with perfect wedding rings made with their own hands. ( just a little help from me!)

One such couple wrote a lovely piece about their experience with me in the workshop, I hope you enjoy reading it. This year if you would like to make your wedding rings contact me and we'll arrange a consultation.

'When Nicola suggested we could spend the day in her workshop and she'd help us to make our own rings, we were both excited and delighted. What an awesome idea! But: that excitement soon turned to apprehension, fear and dread... what if we couldn't make them nicely and ended up with horrible rings? What if they didn't fit our fingers? What if they were ugly? Then what?

We needn't have worried.

We spent two days with Nicola - one making practice rings in silver, which we now appreciate is nice and soft and easy to work with. This gave us an opportunity not only to learn how to make a ring, but to really think about what we wanted the real rings to be like. Did we want flat or rounded rings? And square or rounded edges? And how thick should they be, etc? We made one another's rings - and we've actually been wearing them on our non-wedding hands ever since. They've lovely!

We went back a month later to make the real platinum deals. Platinum's much, much harder to work with, so making them had to be a real team effort - James had to bend and saw his own ring (it was quite thick, and Amy just wasn't strong enough). And the welding got a bit exciting at one point! But it was an incredible feeling at the end of the day to be holding two rings that perfectly matched our hopes and expectations and which we can't wait to be able to wear from 8th December onwards!

Add to all of that the fact that Nicola's great company (and a very patient tutor!) and we not only have lovely rings, but lovely memories too of two really special days out... we are SO glad we found her!

Amy and James xx'

Post By Nicola Hurst