Sacred Adornments is the first collection that comes entirely from my heart. Inspired by the eight pointed star of Melchizedek, a symbol representing rebirth and renewal, the idea for the collection came to me after I began meditating daily. It was around this time that I also discovered crystals and unusual gemstones, and began collecting many of them as I travelled.  

With the pieces’ geometric shapes inspired by my meditative practice, and each unique crystal and gemstone carrying its own story, these pieces are one of a kind. 

“Loving my intuitively designed pendant (by Elisha Clark Halpin) and beautifully created by the talented Nicola Hurst of Nicola Hurst Designer Jewellery”

Would you like a piece of bespoke jewellery inspired by this collection, with crystals and gemstones that have not been used? I create commissions using a process called Intuitive Jewellery. 

Commissions involve at least two sessions, and it can include a meditation, chat and design discussion. This process is all about freedom, trust, leading to a creation that only you will wear!

Final pieces will be made of gold, silver or a combination of metals, and will include gemstones or crystals. The design and making process will take between one and three months to complete.

Commissioned pieces begin at £200, so please take this into consideration when requesting this service. 

Post By Jenny