There are numerous different ways in which you can customise jewellery but there is nothing that says more in simple sophistication than the silver pendant. One of the oldest accessories in jewellery making, Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs would wear scarab beetle pendants with strong symbolic significance, representing rebirth and they were often given as gifts of good fortune.

At Nicola Hurst, our silver pendants are designed with versatility and elegance in mind. Created to look great on any occasion, we will give you the top pick of our favourite pendants that will look flawless no matter what you wear…

#1. Silver Cloud Pendant

A staple of simplicity: this piece is featured in the Cloud Collection and is customised with an ethereal ‘Dreamy’ inscription across the front. Our best value silver pendant, this is a perfect choice for everyday wear that you will never get tired of!

#2. Silver Flower & Heart Pendant

If you’re looking for something that is full of the blossom of Spring, look no further than this Silver Flower & Heart Pendant. Made of sterling silver, the pendant was made by hand in Nicola's gallery situated in Plymouth, Devon. Both unique and seasonal, you will love this wonderfully crafted choice.

#3. Seed Pod Silver Pendant

Continuing in the theme of Spring, this piece is truly inspired by nature. Part of the Seed Pod Collection, it has a natural, organic beauty and is hung from a graceful sterling silver necklace.


#4. 4 Drop Silver Pendant

A lavish and unique treat, this is one of Nicola’s most striking and artistic designs. Each sparkling silver drop varies in size with a contemporary and eye-catching appeal.

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Post By Ed Mason