Making a statement with your jewellery can be challenging at the best of times. Finding the line between boldness and elegance is a balancing act - particularly during the summer months when we want to wear something comfortable and relaxed with our favourite summer staples. Discovering a great seasonal theme can often be the key to getting your accessories right, and what better way to assemble a confident outfit than with some sports themed jewellery. Matching grace and strength, Nicola Hurst's handpicked selection will give any outfit an eye-catching finishing touch.

Iconic Collection 'Tennis Player' Earrings

A sport perhaps most synonymous with the summer months,  this pair of tennis themed earrings are great for anyone looking to find that perfect gift idea for the racket fanatic in your family! Made from beautiful sterling silver, these pieces have a glimmering finish and stylish details.

Iconic Collection 'Golf' Cufflinks

Made from hand-cast solid silver, these golf themed cufflinks feature an aesthetically appealing design that will appeal to any golfer that you know. Capturing the powerful swing of that first drive on the course, these cufflinks are subtle and smart enough for work or any other formal occasion.

Iconic Collection 'Diver' Pendant

For fans of scuba, this diving pendant is a great way to dress up your favourite hobby and incorporate it into some of your everyday outfits. The perfect gift for any man or woman and a highly versatile choice, crafted from superior quality sterling silver.

Iconic Collection 'Dancers' Pendant

Whatever dancing discipline interests you this pendant mixes passion with a touch of traditional glamour. Features a couple in a classic ballroom pose, this lovely sterling silver piece is a sophisticated choice for any special occasion.

Iconic Collection 'Skater' Pendant

Sassy and spirited, this retro themed roller skater pendant is the perfect emblem of confidence and lighthearted fun. Ideal for any female family member or friend, you won't go wrong with this iconic piece that can be used to inject some life into any outfit, whether you're wearing a dress or a simple t-shirt.

Post By Ed Mason